Mode Of Admission


Qullia Sharee’a (Darse Nizami) Offline Soon after ramadan
Jamiathu zahra Offline Soon after ramadan
Hifzul Quran College Offline Soon after ramadan
NCPUL Offline Session starts on 15th  January and 15th June
Iqra Public School Offline 1st April to 15th May
Seniour Secondary School Offline 1st May to 25th July  
Middle School Offline 1st May to 26th July

Admission for the students from Kerala will be conducted through Kerala Faizani Association.

The best way to pursue higher education in Al Azhar University – Egypt

Contact : +91 9645491038, +91 9633678656, +91 9961956932, +91 9633284110

Application Form for Kerala applicants

Interview results of Darul Uloom Faizane Ashraf – Basni for the batch 2019 – 2020 (Kerala students).

Winning candidates are as follows

1. DFA102
2. DFA108
3. DFA124
4. DFA121
5. DFA103
6. DFA109
7. DFA118
8. DFA132
9. DFA115
10. DFA120
11. DFA130
12. DFA119
13. DFA123
14. DFA101
15. DFA126


NB: selected candidates are requested to book their seats with the association before 22nd of April 2019