About Us

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Darul uloom Faizan-E-Ashraf is a well-known institution worldwide for its religious and modern education. It was established in 1994 by Hazrat Maulana Hafiz and Qari Mohammed Sayyed Ashraf in the holy name of Tajdar-e-wilayat Aarif Billah. Maulana Sayeed Ashraf was instrumental in shaping up the institution with the help of committee.

Education is the only mechanism which can keep one going throughout his life. Imparting quality education and helping students to excel in their lives is the primary motto of Darul Uloom, students are groomed to be the best and outperform in any phase of life.

Discipline is the primary tool of Darul Uloom which separates it from the rest and this quality has given the worldwide recognition. The efforts by expert faculty could be seen through the progress of students in various departments, who not only stood first but excelled in their respective fields of study.

‘Educate a girl child to reform the society is our formula’. Utmost priority is given to poor girls as the communication does not reach their door,  but there was light in their lives with the continuous sessions and counselling by our staff. The girls are nurtured in diverse ways over skill development courses.


In the imminent years Darul Uloom is committed to provide quality education for children through both Islamic and Modern teachings.

The prominent plan is to zoom in various departments like Engineering, Medicine, I.T.I, B.Ed and many more without compromising on our quality.


teaser_02We eye to be the finest institution which provides standard education in various courses.

Students of Darul Uloom should excel in every walk of life is the desire.


The main target is to accommodate growing number of students and to achieve the desired results. The staff is working effortlessly to provide required amenities for growing number of students. A land is purchased by the committee for the extension of premises.


Many Aalims, Hafiz, Qaris, Imams and Modern Scholars have graduated from Darul Uloom. The faculties are well versed in their subject and are ready to share information at any given point of time. It is a place where one can find experts of both Islamic and Modern education.