Life @ Darul Uloom

Life at Darul Uloom

With more than 5,000 students, 100 staff and 2500 alumni around the world, people are what make Darul Uloom an internationally renowned institution to provide both Islamic and Modern education.

There are many gardens in the vicinity of campus where a student can feel near to Mother Nature.

Libraries are equipped with books from all walks of life, also providing study hall with a silent aura. Cafeterias are the place which provides refreshments to the students.

Life at campus is at ease on par with the rest of world as one can find students making optimum usage of the facilities such as play ground, garden, library, computer labs, canteen. Students also offer prayers five times a day in a dedicated prayer hall. The Canteen is maintained in a neat way as hygiene is given utmost priority.

The aura of campus is cordial as one can find a robust bonding between “A teacher and student.” Separate staff quarters is allocated to the faculty in the premises of Darul Uloom.