Hifzul Quran College

Slide 4ifzul Quran College is the educational institution affiliated to Darul Uloom Faizan-e-Ashraf established in the year 1994. Islamic studies are promulgated to students from 1st class which takes 8 years for the completion. As part of syllabus students are taught Quran, Hadees, Islamic history, literature and law.

Islamic Sharia college began with the purpose to bring scholars in religious matters and to impart higher education in theology. The college also provides modern education to students so they can lead a multipurpose life in society along the right path. The college offers various training programmes such as computer coaching, seminars and workshops on contemporary issues besides teaching different languages including English, Urdu and Arabic.

Office Address

Darul Uloom Faizane Ashraf, Ashraf Nagar, Basni Behlima, Nagaur, 341021
Contact: 7568821839

Academic Profile

  • Alim, Fazil – Arabic and farsi board Lucknom
  • Fazil – Bihar Madrassa Board
  • Fazil – Jamia Ashrafiyya Mubarakpur (2007)


  • Darul Uloom Razwiyya Sulthaniyya Jammu and Kashmeer 3yrs
  • Darul Uloom Thayyibiyya Mueeniyya, Banaras 2010 – 12
  • Jamia Ashrafiyya, Mubarakpur 2013-14
  • Jamia Faizane Ashraf, Basni 2015 – continues.

  1. Shoba-E-Qirath
  2. Shoba-E-Tazveed
  3. Shoba-E-lahn
Name Department
Shaikh Muhammed Saeed Ashrafi Chancellor
Muhammed Younus Misbahi Director
Manzar Aqueel Misbahi Principal
Muhammed Rafeeq Misbahi Lecture
Swadiq Ali Misbahi Lecture
Haji Asgar Ali Faizani Lecture
Kurshid Ahmed Azhari Lecture
Kousar Raza Misbahi Lecture
Muhammed Shareef Al Qadri Hifz
Muhammed Hasan Faizani Hifz
Zakir Husain Faizani Computer Studies
Shameem Al Qadri Thajweed & Qirath
Kurshid Ahmed Misbahi Da’wa
Muhammed Hasan Athari English
Gulam Zakariyya Faizani Hifz
Asgar Ali Barakathi Hifz
Gulam Mueenudheen English
Muhammed Ali English
Moulana Younus Misbahi

Moulana Younus Misbahi

Mr Mohammed Yunus Misbahi

Office Address: Faizane Ashraf Senior Secondary Schol, Ashraf Nagar, Basni Behlima, Nagaur, 341021

Contact: 9783364308, 9694898604
Email: yunusmisbahi97@gmail.com
Qualification: Alim, Fazil
Books: Maqalath-u-Faizane Ashraf (2010)
Educational Details:
Diploma in Calligraphy 1999
Alim form Darul Uloom Faizane Ashraf, Basni 2002
Fazil from Jamia Ashrafiyya, Mubarakpur 2005

350 students and 15 Teaching staffs

Address: Ashraf Nagar, Basni Behlima (PO), Nagaur, Nagaur (Dist), Rajasthan, 341021

Phone: +919413682570, +919413256386, +919931155338