Jamiathu Zahra

ducate a girl child to educate the society is the belief of Darul Uloom. In purview of this belief the manager co-ordinated with the idea of a separate college for girls which was established in 1995. Prior to the inaugration of Jamiat uz Zahra there were no higher education centers for poor girls.

With its involvement in both Islamic and Modern education a lot of girls came forward to join the various courses offered which includes home science training, tailoring and skill development courses.

Office Address

Darul Uloom Faizane Ashraf, Ashraf Nagar, Basni Behlima, Nagaur, 341021
Contact: 9929424353

Academic Profile

  • Alim, Fazil – Darul Uloom Faizane Ashraf


  • Darul Uloom Faizane Ashraf

  1. Shoba-E-Takhassus Fil Tafsir
  2. Shoba-E-Takhassus Fil Hadith
  3. Shoba-E-Takhassus Fil Fiqh
  4. Shoba-E-Takhassus Fil Arabic
  5. Shoba-E-Tazveed
  6. Shoba-E-Takabul E Adiyan


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Mr Moulana Allah Bakhsh

Office Address: Faizane Ashraf Senior Secondary Schol, Ashraf Nagar, Basni Behlima, Nagaur, 341021

150 students and 9 Teaching staffs

Address: Ashraf Nagar, Basni Behlima (PO), Nagaur, Nagaur (Dist), Rajasthan, 341021

Phone: +919413682570, +919413256386, +919931155338